Trailer wash

– for clean transport!

We wash a lot of trailers both inside and out

If you want to give a good impression of your company and present the company’s name and logo nicely, cleanly and presentably, washing your trailers is a cheap and effective way to ensure this. Many therefore choose to wash their trailers often, as a clean trailer gives a nicer impression of the company than a trailer where it is impossible to see the company’s logo and name.

We have the option of picking up the trailers in the nearby area at our washing centers in Padborg and Vejle, so that MegaWash takes care of collection and delivery with our own tractors. MegaWash can therefore wash the trailers at times when they are not in use, which gives you as a company the opportunity to improve efficiency and save both money and time on washing and the trailers. The trailers are ready for use when they are needed.

Interior washing of refrigerated, fishing and walk-in-floor trailers

The interior washing of trailers that have been used for the transport of fresh food must be done completely correctly and properly, so that the trailers are not rejected by the producers.

MegaWash does a lot to ensure that the washing of the trailer is carried out correctly in terms of quality, we have, in collaboration with our soap supplier, ensured that we use the optimal soap and in the right quantities, at the same time that we have the right soaps for both out – and interior washing of the trailer. The employees are trained in good washing and there are detailed work instructions and descriptions in this area as well

After washing, all trailers are sealed with a seal from MegaWash so that the manufacturers can see that the wash has been done professionally with us.

MegaWash ensures that you, as a transporter, have clean trailers both inside and out.

Would you like a quote?

MegaWash is always ready to provide a quote for a washing or disinfection task for your particular company. You are always welcome to contact us for a specific offer or task. All quotes are of course without obligation.

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