We meet your customers’ strict requirements.

MegaWash are experts in cleaning and disinfecting food transport – not only fresh meat, but also transport of live animals and much more.

MegaWash helps you as a truck driver get your truck ready, so you won’t run into any trouble at the pick-up location.

Proper cleaning of refrigerated trailers is specialist work, which is why more and more truckers and forwarders choose to let MegaWash do the work for them. This means that you will always receive professional and thorough cleaning, which gets into all the cracks and crevices of the refrigerated trailer. Afterwards, MegaWash seals the cleaned refrigerated trailer so that it arrives completely clean. Without the risk of being rejected.

Back in 2007, the government focused on unhygienic refrigerated trailers for the transport of fresh food. This really pushed the brushes with us. The tighter controls on the transport of food revealed pieces of meat and bacteria in cracks and crevices on the refrigerated trucks. This resulted in the haulage drivers being rejected at the slaughterhouses.

Now more and more truckers have given up cleaning the refrigerated trucks themselves, and instead let MegaWash do the job. When MegaWash A/S delivers the cleaned refrigerated van, it is sealed. This is a guarantee that the wagon is completely clean so that it can be loaded again at the ramps at the slaughterhouses.

Disinfection of animal transport

MegaWash has gained considerable expertise in cleaning and disinfecting trucks for animal transport. It always happens at our center in Padborg. Our staff is trained specialist in disinfecting trucks, coming in from across the border. This means that our staff can provide a certificate when the job is done. We issue a certificate in which we guarantee that you meet all applicable requirements in the area.

MegaWash has been selected for this cleaning by the industry association Agriculture & Food. It is a trust we are very proud to live up to – in the form of quality cleaning of approx. 1000 animal transports per month.

Would you like a quote?

MegaWash is always ready to provide a quote for a washing or disinfection task for your particular company. You are always welcome to contact us for a specific offer or task. All quotes are of course without obligation.

We can be contacted at kontakt@megawash.dk or you can reach us through the contact formular here