Company Agreements

All our customers, both large and small, receive our special attention

With our size, we can quickly and efficiently wash and disinfect large quantities of both trucks and packaging.

MegaWash A/S is ready to make an individual agreement with all our regular customers, with us you get both financial benefits and increased flexibility

None of our customers are the same, therefore, we adapt the agreement to the individual client. In other words, there is no ‘one size fits all’ at MegaWash.

We always insist on mapping out your exact needs before tailoring an agreement.

In short: All our customers, large and small, receive very special attention.

Our agreements can include everything from washing and disinfection of trucks, trailers and animal transport to washing and disinfection of meat hooks, hangers, E1 boxes, E2 boxes and big boxes.

Remember that we can also help with the rental of meat hooks and hangers.

MegaWash is always ready to enter into company agreements with serious business partners such as truckers, freight forwarders and slaughterhouses – who will keep their trucks and trailers in a clean and presentable condition. A fixed contract can save you a lot of money, already in the first month.

With MegaWash, a company agreement can be tailored and specialized in many ways, together we will find a solution that fits your business. If it suits you best to have the cars washed at night, we can of course do that. If you want a cleaned and disinfected fleet every Monday morning, count us in.

In addition, we have our own tractors in Vejle and Padborg, which means that we have the option of picking up and delivering trailers, within a certain radius from Vejle and Padborg, which can mean that you have the option of letting us do the cleaning while the trailer is not in use – that way you save both money and time.

Would you like a quote?

MMegaWash is always ready to give a quote for a washing or disinfection task for your particular company. You are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding chat or a specific offer for your specific washing and disinfection tasks.

We can be contacted at or you can find the contact information under our contact page