Areas of work

Despite our name, no task is too small and almost none too big.

We wash on many programs and, as our name suggests, we wash large cars and large amounts of packaging

Let us help you with your tasks

We are of course skilled at washing trucks and trailers of any type. Hundreds of satisfied customers can confirm this, at the same time we are specialists in a large number of other areas and can offer a wide range of products in various niches. Despite our name, no task is too small and almost none too big.

MegaWash has many different work areas, and we are always ready to solve your washing and disinfection tasks in the following areas.

  • Washing of meat boxes, big boxes and H1 pallets
  • Rental of meat hooks and Christmas trees
  • Truck and trailer washing
  • Disinfection
  • Special tasks

MegaWash A/S is a leader in the washing and disinfection of trailers and transport equipment for fresh meat. We ensure through an extensive self-control program that the bacteriological values are very low. We deliver a decent quality, so no trailers that have been washed at MegaWash A/S have been rejected at a slaughterhouse.

We have a very close collaboration with our supplier of soap and disinfectant to ensure that we are at the forefront with the latest and most effective soaps and disinfectants.

Through frequent changes of water in our washing facility for washing meat hooks, meat boxes and big boxes, it is ensured that boxes and hooks are completely clean before they are foiled for delivery.

Would you like a quote?

MegaWash is always ready to provide a quote for a washing or disinfection task for your particular company. You are always welcome to contact us for a specific offer or task. All quotes are of course without obligation.

We can be contacted at or you can reach us through the contact formular here