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Washing halls for large vehicles, meat hooks and packaging.


At MegaWash, we have been providing truck washing services for over 30 years, which has endowed us with extensive experience in a variety of tasks. Our clients stand to gain from this expertise, be it in the form of truck washing, trailer and animal transporter disinfection.

Modern washing lanes in Europe

Our company offers 12 state-of-the-art washing lanes across five Danish central locations for your convenience. Our service can accommodate up to 250 trucks per day. We have a close cooperation with Smart Wash, which secures you easy handling of clean and dirty packaging.

Our washing lanes are situated in Padborg, Aarhus, Hørning, Recharge City, and four lanes in Vejle.

Get a thorough truck wash with MegaWash

Truck drivers seeking to maintain their vehicles in optimal condition will find Mega Wash to be an exceptional choice for a truck wash. Our expert team ensures that your truck receives a comprehensive wash, leaving it looking as good as new.

We use only the finest cleaning agents and techniques to ensure that your truck is washed from top to bottom, ready to hit the road once again.

Apart from a thorough wash, we also provide other services including:

Individual and intern agreements

MegaWash A/S is prepared to establish custom agreements with companies that are frequent customers, to provide both economic advantages and greater flexibility.

These agreements are specifically tailored to each customer, and we always prioritize the identification of your precise requirements. Regardless of size, all of our customers receive personalized attention. The agreements we offer can encompass a variety of services, including truck washing and disinfection. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our company agreements.

Want to Know more? Non-binding offer for truck washing

At Mega Wash, we are always prepared to provide our services and guidance to help your company secure the best deal possible. We welcome you to contact us for a non-committal consultation or a customized proposal for your washing and disinfection needs.


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