Trailer wash

Trailer wash – for clean transportation

We wash many trailers both inside and outside.

If you want to leave a good impression of your company, washing your trailers is a cheap and effective way of ensuring that your company name and logo is presentable, clean and good-looking. This is why many companies choose to have their trailers washed often as a clean trailer leaves a better impression of the company than one where the company logo and name cannot be seen properly.

At our washing centres in Padborg and Vejle, we are able to collect trailers in the vicinity as MegaWash has its own tractors, allowing us to collect and return the trailers. MegaWash can therefore wash trailers at all hours of the day, when they are not in use, and your company may therefore benefit from a more effective use and save both money and time on washing the trailers. The trailers are ready for use when needed.

Interior washing of refrigerated, fish and walk-in-floor trailers

Cleaning the interior of trailers that have been used for transporting fresh food must be performed correctly and thoroughly so that the trailers are not rejected by the producers.

MegaWash is making an effort to ensure that the trailers are washed correctly and at high quality standards. In cooperation with our soap supplier, we have ensured that we use the optimum soap in the right quantities, and we have ensured that we use the right soaps in all our washing lanes for both interior and exterior trailer cleaning. Our employees are trained in the good wash and there are detailed work instructions and descriptions in this area as well.

After the wash, all trailers are sealed with the MegaWash seal so that the producers can see that the wash has been carried out professionally by us.

MegaWash makes sure that you, as a carrier, have clean trailers both on the inside and outside.