Packaging wash

Packaging wash – for meat and other fresh food

At MegaWash we often think in boxes because we clean a large number of crates and big boxes that are primarily used for delivering meat to slaughterhouses, butchers and supermarkets. MegaWash washes and disinfects the crates to ensure that the meat can be transported in germ-free crates and big boxes.

Crates and big boxes arrive in the dirt lane from where we take them to the wash zone and flush them to remove labels. A manual prewash is done before the crates enter the washing system and go through the washing process. Temperature and chemical additives are monitored with the newest equipment and own-check is performed on the crates and boxes before they are moved to the clean lane.

All crates and big boxes remain in the clean lane for the last drying, after which we perform a last own-check. Crates and boxes are then foiled, and the employee adds a washing label with his signature.

If your trucks are fitted with hook rails, contact MegaWash – We wash thousands of meat hooks every month. The meat hooks are washed and disinfected in our hook washer. Euro and dan hooks are packed in E2 crates of 25 hooks in a sealed plastic bag in each crate. Red hooks are packed in strong plastic bags of 50 hooks which are also sealed. We add a washing label to all crates and plastic bags.

We also clean and stack christmas trees. All meat residues and labels are removed, and the christmas trees are then stacked on pallets of 120 units and foiled.

So if your company needs a professional partner for washing and disinfecting crates, big boxes or hooks, we are ready with advice and to make you an offer for your crates, big boxes, hooks and christmas trees.