Materials bank

In our Materiels Bank, we keep track of every piece of deposited material. We carry accounts for the following types of material:

  • Dan hooks, euro hooks, red hooks
  • Christmas trees
  • E1 crates
  • E2 crates
  • H1 pallets
  • Euro pallets
  • Blue, grey and thermo big boxes

When we receive material at MegaWash, we prepare a voucher that we and the driver signs. The driver gets a copy of the voucher; the same procedure is used when we hand out material.

The voucher is booked in our system, and you will receive a statement of accounts by mail for the days with account movements.

In this way, you always have an overview of which materials you can dispose of with us. It is a condition for creating an account with us that we also wash your material.

We charge a fee for material handling.

As with any bank, you may temporarily overdraw your account at an interest per day per unit.

MegaWash also rent out material for longer periods of time.

We create an account for you and agree with you which accounts you need and at what terms.