Disinfection – we fulfil your customers’ highest demands

MegaWash is expert at cleaning and disinfecting food transports – not only fresh meat but also transports of livestock. MegaWash helps you, the carrier, to have the vehicles ready so that you do not have to be afraid of being rejected by the slaughterhouse.

Proper cleaning of refrigerated trailers is a specialist job, and more and more carriers and forwarding agents choose to let MegaWash to the job for them. We ensure an always professional and thorough cleaning of every crack and corner in the refrigerated trailer. Afterwards, MegaWash seals the cleaned refrigerated trailer so that it will arrive completely cleaned at your customer. No risk of being rejected.

In 2007, the Danish government brought into focus the unhygienic refrigerated trailers for transport of fresh food. This indeed speeded up the brushes at MegaWash. The tighter control of the transport of food revealed meat lumps and bacteria in cracks and corners of the refrigerated trailers. As a result, carriers were rejected by the slaughterhouses.

Now, more and more carriers have given up washing the refrigerated trailers themselves and let MegaWash do the cleaning instead. When MegaWash A/S delivers a cleaned refrigerated trailer, it is sealed. This is your guarantee that the vehicle is completely clean so that it can be loaded at the slaughterhouse loading platforms.

Disinfection of livestock transport

MegaWash has obtained considerable expertise in cleaning and disinfecting vehicles for livestock transport. This always happens at our centre in Padborg. Here we have trained personnel who specialize in washing and disinfecting trucks and trailers that return from abroad. After the vehicle has been disinfected, we issue a certificate as a guarantee that you comply with current requirements in the area.

The industry association, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, has chosen MegaWash for this cleaning job. We are very proud of the trust placed in us and do our utmost to live up to it – by performing quality cleaning of about 1000 livestock transports a month.

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