Company agreements – because you are our most important customer

Given our size, we can quickly and effectively wash and disinfect a large number of vehicles as well as packaging.

MegaWash A/S is ready to make individual agreements with all customers, and as one of our regular customers you will have both financial advantages and increased flexibility.

None of our customers are alike, and therefore we adapt the agreement to each individual customer. In other words, MegaWash does not do standard agreements.

We insist on clarifying your exact needs before we customize the agreement, because we are also experts at listening.

In brief: We pay special attention to all our customers, big and small.

Our agreements may contain everything from wash and disinfection of trucks, trailers and livestock transports to wash and disinfection of meat hooks, christmas trees and E1 crates, E2 crates and big boxes.

And we also rent out meat hooks and christmas trees.

MegaWash is always ready to enter into company agreements with serious partners such as carriers, forwarding agents and slaughterhouses – who wish to keep their trucks and trailers clean and presentable. A standing agreement may save you a lot of money already the first month.

With MegaWash, a company agreement may take many shapes, and together we find a solution that fits your business.

If it suits you best to have your trucks washed at night, we wash them at night.

If you want a fleet of cleaned and disinfected vehicles every Monday morning, we are your best choice.

And in Vejle and Padborg, we have our own tractors so that we can collect and return trailers within the vicinity of Vejle and Padborg, which make it possible for you to have your trailers washed when they are not in use – in this way you save both money and time.

We are ready to listen and to make you a favourable offer. You can contact us here.