About MegaWash

MegaWash – lots of experience with big (and small) tasks

MegaWash has washed trucks for more than 25 years. This means that we are experienced in all types of tasks – at your advantage, whether we wash trucks, disinfect livestock transports or clean meat hooks and packaging.

We started as DTC Lastvognsvask with two washing lanes at the DTC transport centre in the northern part of Vejle. The first extension of the company in Vejle took place in 1998, and the year after we acquired a washing lane in Padborg. In 2005, the department in Padborg was extended.

In 2009, we changed name to MegaWash A/S – the name may be fairly new but our quality and service are still founded on more than 25 years of experience. More than 40 skilled employees, many with over 10 years’ experience of washing trucks, are always ready to provide the best help when you and your drivers need it.

Today we have about 1,600 carrier customers all over Europe; and some of the very big ones in the industry as well. You could be the next.

MegaWash offers round the clock wash and disinfection in 11 modern washing lanes, with four lanes in the main department in Vejle, five lanes in Padborg, one at Aarhus Harbor and one in Hørning. Today we can wash up to 200 trucks a day (24 hours) – whenever it suits you.

Our department for packaging wash is situated in Vejle at Frostvej 5. Here it is possible to change dirty packaging for clean, after the truck has visited the washing lane for an interior cleaning of the trailer. We have room for storing the dirty boxes and crates, and after they have been through our washing zone, we have plenty of room for storing the clean crates and boxes before they are foiled and ready to be picked up.

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